Dec 13

Okey, maybe it is a little bit “stupid” but, accessory maker ZooGue wanted to find out what would happen if an iPad 2 meets molten lava. So they jumped on a plain to Hawaii and then threw their iPad 2 into a volcano. The funny thing is that the iPad gave a “device is too hot” warning.

Nov 22

iPad 2 TV Ad Love
Apple launched a new iPad 2 TV ad called Love. “Whatever it is you are into, the iPad lets you get deeper and more involved than ever before”. You can check out the commercial after the break. » Apple Launched New iPad 2 TV Ad: Love

Nov 16

In the video above you can see a comparison between the new Amazon Kindle Fire “which can be bought for just $199” and the iPad 2. In this video the guys from iDownloadblog test the boot up times, web browsing times, and netflix streaming times. “Surprisingly, Kindle Fire held up pretty well in two out of three of our tests. Kindle Fire is really fast when it comes to Netflix streaming, though that could be due in part to Netflix’s new Android interface.” » Kindle Fire vs iPad 2 [Video Comparison]

Nov 05

From Hatch & Co comes what they hope will be the answer to the obvious limitations of the iPad when it comes to typing lengthier documents. The keyboard/case, called simply the SKINNY, is in fact just 0.6 inches thick, and works by connecting to the iPad via Bluetooth.

It is dust- and waterproof and boasts a 68 hour battery life, all of which are sure to keep you productive without having to worry about the keyboard not working. It is offered in two colorways, white and black, and is available right now at Hatch & Co’s website for $89.99 USD. Video and pics after the break. » SKINNY iPad 2 Bluetooth Keyboard Case

Oct 24

iPad Smart Cover
Apple revised its lineup of magnetic Smart Covers for the iPad 2, adding a lovely dark gray (and “color-matched fiber lining”) while discontinuing the orange polyurethane version, among other changes. Alle colors of the cases has been changed a little bit as you can see in the comparison after the break, but the prices did not change. » Apple Updates iPad 2 Smart Covers With Color Changes

Sep 16

windows 8 slate ipad ios 5
Microsoft unveiled its Windows 8 developer preview earlier this week, but how does it compare to iOS? In the video after the break Winrumors compared the iPad iOS 5 and the Windows 8 Slate. In this 11 minutes long video they check almost every feature that these tablets offer, from lock-screen to social network integration. Pretty interesting and it looks pretty good for a Windows System. Check the movie after the break. » iPad 2 On iOS 5 vs Windows 8 Slate

Sep 13

Smule created a new kind of DJ/Music app that turns everyday sights and sounds like your car, an empty soda can, or your friends into the ultimate percussive instrument. Who would have thought everyday life could be so musical? After the break you can find more information and videos of remixes created with MadPad, which is available for the iPad ($2,99) and iPhone ($0,99). » MadPad: Remix Your Life. Make Music Out Of Everyday Sounds

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