Mar 03

redeye-miniRedeye is a remote control for your iPhone or iPod Touch, the bad thing about it is that it will cost you $188. For a lot of iDevice users $188 is to much money for a remote control. So that’s why they decided to create the Redeye Mini. This is a cheaper and smaller version of the original Redeye remote control.

» RedEye Mini: Cheaper iPhone Remote Control

Feb 20

secure alpha-numeric iphone passwordYou can only secure your iPhone with a simple 4 digits password. For most of us that’s enough, but some of us just needs a alpha-numeric password to feel a little more secure. There is good news for those people, the folks over at 9to5mac just posted a way for iPhone and iPod touch users to secure your iPhone with a alpha-numeric key. » Alpha-Numeric Password For The iPhone & iPod

Jan 06

apple-magic-mouseMatthias Ringwald, the creator of BTstacks Keyboard “Available in the Cydia Store for 5$ USD.” Released a video that shows he has connected the Apple Magic Mouse to his iPhone. This driver is not yet released, but it looks promising and will probably be available in Cydia soon. In the video he also connected the Celluon CL800BT virtual keyboard. See it in action in the video below. » Magic Mouse Linked With iPhone

Feb 19

amberalert3Jonathan Zdziarski, well known iPhone hacker and creator of the first iPhone forensics toolkit is readying a new application called AMBER alert.Amber alert is a network ( where you can report seeing missing children.I’ll take the official webpage information from Jonathan site:
» App Store – AMBER Alert (alert sight of missing children)

Feb 16

mcoolphone_ggmCoolPhone is a new app from the makers of mCleaner, mAdvLock, mCaller ID, mCallshow and mSecret. mCoolPhone is a super smart app which helps you use iPhone in a more convenient way.You just shake or flipover iPhone,the incoming call will be accepted or hang up.
» Cydia – mCoolPhone

Feb 15

firemintYesterday i received some news from Firemint regarding their upcoming Real Racing iPhone game. The game is still in beta and not released but the video after the break will show you what we can expect. Hit the break for more details.
» App Store – Firemint Real Racing preview

Feb 14

shooter_splashI received a mail from Paramount informing us that they will release a another game based upon a popular movie. Most of you will have seen the Days of Thunder game which has become one of the most popular racing games in the App Store. Paramount will now release a game based upon the ‘shooter’ movie with Mark Wahlberg. Hit the break for the video.
» App Store – Shooter (preview)

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