Oct 22

We posted an ad about Verizon’s attack on the iPhone a couple of days ago. Someone made another ad as an answer to Verizon’s ad. It is called “iDon’t Care” and shows everything the iPhone can do and other phones can’t. » iPhone Answers With “iDon’t Care” ad

Oct 13

Perccia is a French iPhone repair company. They made a commercial to show their services to everyone. It looks like a beautifully edited CSI-like commercial involving a murdered iPhone. Perccia not only repairs the iPhone, but finds the murderer as well.

» Perccia Repairs iPhone And Solves Murder

Oct 09

A funny MythBusters spin-off shows that it’s very difficult to get Flash on the iPhone, but in the end the myth is hacked. » No Flash On The iPhone Is A Myth!

Sep 27

Watch this! We take one Japanese guy, one helmet, one iPhone, one bicycle and a good sense of humor. What do you get?….A chinese guy, with a helmet with an iPhone attached to it, on a bicycle and a futuristic display in front of his eyes.

» The Always Funny Japanese People

Sep 22

Oke, this is not normal. Here’s this guy who send 662.258 messages in ONE month. The AT&T bill was 13.000 pages long. Now I don’t know if this is true. I did a little bit of math and calculated he must have send one message every 4 seconds, 30 days long.

» Guy Gets 13.000 Pages AT&T iPhone Bill

Sep 21

iphone-transformers-300x300So you have the iPhone 3GS? Would you like to own the iPhone in the next video? It is an iPhone that can transform. Underneath the touchscreen is a folded keyboard. By pushing one button, the screen shifts up and the keyboard unfolds. Very nice video. Ofcourse it’s some sort of science fiction but it looks very cool and the designer did a really great job.

» Next iPhone Can Transform?

Sep 10

You can find a lot of serious topics about the iPhone but sometimes you need something funny. This time we don’t have a video, but we do have a picture about a construction of someone who wanted to watch movies in bed without holding his/her iPhone.

» Watch Movies On Your iPhone In Bed

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