Nov 02

iphone_rb4Robots are getting smarter every day. What a wonderful time we live in. Robots these days are so smart, they can even play a game on the iPhone. Yes, that’s right, the robot in the video below shows it can play EA’s Rock Band. » Robot Plays Rock Band On iPhone

Nov 02


Maybe the new iPhone can do something really revolutionary: seeing people without clothes through the iPhone camera. Michael Krivicka, Editor in Chief of, made a video with this super app called “Nude it”. It’s a marketing tool for his blog, but ever since he posted the video three weeks ago he has gotten a lot of emails from people asking if they can get that app. People are willing to pay a lot of money for it, so it seems. So here it is. And I must say, the video is pretty well made. » Funny Video: iPhone Undresses People Through Camera

Oct 30

iphone for dummiesA lot of people post videos about funny things you can do with the iPhone. One of those things could be shooting your iPhone, scratching it with a nail or throwing it of a building to see how the iPhone reacts. Well if you think a real iPhone is too expansive to do such things with, then maybe the iPhone Dummy is something for you.
» iPhone Dummy For Fun

Oct 29


Maybe a few thousand dollars for an iPhone costume is a little bit too much, so you might want to take a look at this very scary mask of Steve Jobs’ head. » Wow, A Scary Steve Jobs Mask

Oct 26

iphone costumes

Need a costume for Halloween? Well you may like the iPhone suites made by Reko and John. And yes, they’re fully working. » Fully Working iPhone Costumes

Oct 23

5-minutes-to-kill-yourselfNew day, new iPhone app. Okay, you’re in the office, working very hard and on a certain moment you decide you can’t take it any longer. You find ¬†all kinds of ways to kill yourself. You try to staple, electrocute, cut and drown yourself. You can try to get bitten by a shark, burned by torches and get poisoned by drinking toilet water. And all this must be done in 5 minutes. The faster the better, because you can even submit your score on Facebook. » How To Die In Just 5 Minutes

Oct 23

174213-apple_win7_ad_originalAh the famous Apple ads have returned for some more funny stuff. This time the ads are focussing on Windows 7. Apple keeps trying to persuade people to buy a Mac. » Three Apple Ads Focusing On Windows 7

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