Dec 11

IMG_0736Are you going to buy a Christmas tree? Well, if you do, than what are you going to use to decorate the tree? Are you a real iPhone fan? Than the following plexiglas iPhone icons may be the perfect decoration.

» iPhone Icons For The Christmas Tree

Nov 24
Nov 23

video-downfall-hitler-ipod-touch-camera-0In our earlier post today we spoke about a possible release of an iPod touch with a camera. A lot of people can’t wait for an iPod touch with camera and it seems Hitler can’t wait as well. In the video below he seems very angry with the fact the Apple released the 3rd generation iPod touch without a camera.

» iPod touch Without Camera…Hitler Is Angry!

Nov 19

blowerNo this is not a joke. It seems impossible to blow candles with your iPhone, but a Dutch developer made an application that can do just that. And if you don’t like to blow candles and prefer to blow spice, the iPhone can do that too.

» Blow Candles With Your iPhone!

Nov 16

handle2-300x225Student Chris Varenhorst has come up with a smart way to open the door of his room. With electronic and hydraulic components he built a automatic door opener. He now has the ability to open his door remotely. » iDoor: The iPhone Controlled Door

Nov 15

walky-voetbal-robotWalky is a robot that can walk, jump and play soccer just like a real human. How? By using the iPhone. This concept allows people to control the robot. You use your fingers to simulate how to walk. If you let the robot walk while rotating the iPhone, the robot rotates as well. You can also simulate a kick to let the robot kick a football. Walky has been developed in the Digital Life Project at the Graduate School of Media Design of the Japanese Keio University. » Use You iPhone To Control Robot “Walky”

Nov 11

engineer-awesomeThe men from Waterloo Labs had not much money to spend, but they achieved their goal: to make a car that can be remotely controlled by an iPhone, a first generation iPhone that is. » Enigneer Awesome Made An iPhone Controlled Car

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