Mar 21

In the latest advertising campaign for its Sierra Wireless Overdrive 3G/4G WiFi hotspot, Sprint makes fun of AT&T’s slow 3G network and the iPhone limitations. According to Sprint, 4G can give you up to 10 times faster connection than the AT&T 3G connection does. Commercial after the break. » Sprint Mocks AT&T, iPhone 4G Via WiMax Overdrive [Video]

Mar 14

microsoft-iphoneAlmost 10.000 iPhones has been spotted in Microsoft’s network, this means almost 10.000 iPhones are used by Microsoft employees. In 2008 there were 89.809 Microsoft employees working in 105 countries, so about 10% of them uses an iPhone. (fun video presentation after the break).

» About 10 Percent Of Microsoft Employees Use A iPhone

Mar 06

geest-iphoneThe Sun and The Daily Mail has posted an article in their newspaper about a man who captured a ghost on a photo he shot with his iPhone. The 47 years old John Fores said he took a picture of an old school without knowing there was a young boy standing in front, when he looked back at his picture he noticed the ghost and decided to tell the news papers about it.

» The Sun & The Daily Mail Believed iPhone Ghost Story?

Feb 21

do_knot_forget_ford_bluetooth_ad smallFord has created an advert about the fact that every Ford car has now got built-in Bluetooth. What does this have to do with Apple you think? Well in the advert they used the well known white earplugs from Apple. » Do Knot Forget: Bluetooth Advert From Ford

Jan 19

steve-justinCurrent TV has made a funny video about Bill Gates and Steve Jobs fighting each other. Both have special weapons. Steve Jobs calls the ad-boy Justin Long and Bill Gates has Halo’s Master Chief up his sleeves. The video is in Beavis & Butthead-style where Jobs and Gates engage in battle. Who’s going to win? » SuperNews: Gates VS Jobs! [Video]

Dec 28

wind-osThese are the applications I like. They contain humour and also offer some ‘replayability’. I’m talking about an application that must have been fun for Apple as well to approve it in the App Store. It’s called “Wind OS”. Even the name is fun (hopefully the developer doesn’t get involved in a lawsuit with Microsoft, because of it). The app costs $0,99, so what does it offer?

» Humour: “Wind OS” Simulates Windows On Your iPhone

Dec 15

kerstkaartDo you have a special friend? A very very special friend? And he or she deserves to get one of the most unique Christmas cards? Look no further, because the Christmas card we present here has an iPhone integrated in it. You also need this app: Bauble [App Store]. And ofcourse you need some money. But you’ll be able to give this special Christmas card with iPhone and animated Christmas balls to one very special person. » Christmas Card With Integrated iPhone

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