May 07

If you like skateboarding, buy a iPad! But make sure to reinforce it before you use it, just like the guys in the movie above. They bought a iPad, mounted a view wheels underneath it and there they go. Yes it didn’t work that well the first time but after some adjustments and reinforcement they could actually skate a little. But is it worth 500 bucks? I Don’t think so. » iPad SkateBoard, Will It Shred?

May 06

In the 180 seconds compilation above Steve Jobs explains what the iPad is. I guess its just a magical, wonderfull, pretty amazing, better, bigger, far better, amazing, great, amazing, bigger, incredible, larger, best, great, far better, awesome, best, magical and revolutionary product. Like Steve said.

Apr 30

Just a fun little piece of candy that I would like to show you guys, its for the real iDevice freakz. Its called iChocolates, a box of nice looking chocolates in the shape of iDevice Applications. At this time it’s sold out, but if it’s availible again you can purchase it for $46 plus $17 shipping costs. It includes twenty pieves of gourmet chocolate made of organic, extra-dark, 100% cocoa butter chocolate. It’s a lot of money for 20 chocolates but there are always people who think its worth the cost. » iChocolates, Eat Your Apps

Apr 24

At this point the whole world knows the storie about the guy who lost the iPhone Prototype in a bar which ended up in the hands of Gizmodo. But do we need to blame this guy for leaving this iPhone Prototype in a bar, maybe he got a good Excuse? Anyway Letterman has created a top 10 of excuses the guy had for leaving his Phone. “It didn’t work anyway — it uses AT&T.”

Apr 22

Today i came across this video that i would like to show you guys. In the video above you can see a compilation of Steve Jobs doing the Apple event in April 2010. In the keynote he is talking about uhmm… mmm… aaa… iPads… and… uumm… Apps… Well just watch the video above!

Apr 06

ipad will it blendA lot of you have already seen the Blendtec video advert “iPhone: Will It Blend?”, but now they have created a new advert “iPad: Will It Blend?”. In these adverts they throw “in this case an iPad” in a blender created by BlendTec to show people the quality of the blenders they sell. So will it blend? That’s the question. Just take a look at the video after the break. » iPad: Will It Blend?

Mar 27

We would like to show you a fun movie from a Social Media Artist Project by DragonHO. He explains sexuality using Apple Products. There is not much to tell, all you need to know is in the movie above. We like it, but I don’t know if Apple likes this movie, because Apple + Sexuality is not a good combination.

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