Mar 09

fix iphone boot problem with CanIHazRecoverA new handy tool has been arrived for the iPhone users with boot problems. This tool is called CaniHazRecover and can fix your iPhone when your iPhone is stuck at the boot logo. There are already some ways to fix this problem but then you need to edit .plist files on Windows to fix the issue. » iPhone Stuck At Boot Logo Can Be Fixed Using CaniHazRecover!

Mar 08

official ipad commercial
We just told you about Steve Jobs in tux on the red carpet at the Oscars. Well now we know what he did there. He showed the first official iPad commercial. Check out the commercial after the break or go to the Apple website. » UPDATE: Steve Jobs Showed iPad Commercial During Oscars

Mar 08

Steve Jobs at the oscars red carpet
Yes you probably wouldn’t expect Steve Jobs on the Oscar Red Carpet but it really is him. What is he doing there? Will he steal the show by showing us an iPad on TV? We can only guess, just check out after the break for more “close up” photos.

» Steve Jobs In Tux On Oscars Red Carpet

Mar 06

geest-iphoneThe Sun and The Daily Mail has posted an article in their newspaper about a man who captured a ghost on a photo he shot with his iPhone. The 47 years old John Fores said he took a picture of an old school without knowing there was a young boy standing in front, when he looked back at his picture he noticed the ghost and decided to tell the news papers about it.

» The Sun & The Daily Mail Believed iPhone Ghost Story?

Mar 04

The change that the iPad will officially be available for purchase on the 26th this month is pretty big, according to a Apple store manager in California. The Apple Retail Store staff can already use the iPad on the 10th this month, so they can train and learn about the iPad. The TV commercials will be on the air on the 15th this month “in the VS only”.

» iPad Available In Store 26 March?

Mar 03

redeye-miniRedeye is a remote control for your iPhone or iPod Touch, the bad thing about it is that it will cost you $188. For a lot of iDevice users $188 is to much money for a remote control. So that’s why they decided to create the Redeye Mini. This is a cheaper and smaller version of the original Redeye remote control.

» RedEye Mini: Cheaper iPhone Remote Control

Feb 28

student exploding ipodThere are already a lot of stories about exploding iDevices. And guess what here is a new one. This time its not Apples fault. A high school student had her iPod explode after she opened a broken iPod and rubbing some wires against the battery. Probably this wasn’t a good idea, because the iPod became very hot and exploded.

» iPod Explode During Class Thanks To Student Experiment

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