Oct 22

The fight between Apple “iPhone” and RIM “BlackBerry” is still going on, but it looks like Apple is going to win this battle. According to StrategyAnalytics, the iPhone has passed RIM (BlackBerry) by selling 14.1 million phones, while RIM sold 12.1 million phones. Nokia is still way out in front with 26.5 million sales but RIM and Nokia both dropped in sales from the previous quarter while Apple is rising fast. » Apple Passes RIM In Global Smartphone Shipments

Oct 21

We already talked about the possibility that FaceTime will be integrated in iChat. It turns out that Apple just released a beta version of FaceTime as a stand-alone Mac application. You can download FaceTime for your Mac here and you can login with your iTunes Store account. Now you can start communicate over FaceTime with your iPhone and iPod friends. » FaceTime For Mac Beta Available Now

Oct 20

A video popped up on the internet showing the Earth from 19 miles up in the stratosphere shot with an iPhone 4. In the video you see the curvature of the earth and the blackness of space, which looks amazing. The iPhone came from a father and son from Brooklyn, New York who released a weather balloon 100,000 feet in the air to take a video of the Earth from space. » iPhone 4 In Space

Oct 19

A forum member over at iPodTouchFans.com spotted a key in a FaceTime property list “called AllowsMultipleConnections” which is set to ‘false’ by default, but setting it to ‘true’ will probably enable multiple FaceTime connections at ones which can be used for Video Group Chat. » Video Group Chat Coming For FaceTime?

Oct 16

received an shot from an anonymous person of what is purportedly the inside of the new MacBook Air. It looks like the screen size is 13,3-inch which is the same as the older one, in the picture you see a re-designed case with extra room for battery cells and apparently no room for a hard drive “which can only mean it is probably making use of some sort of flash-based storage device.” » Picture Of The New MacBook Air?

Oct 16

iPod Touch 4 ColorWare
announced that ColorWare is now offering custom coloring service for fourth-generation iPod touch units. Costumers can choose their own color for the back of the iPod Touch, the home button and the earbuds. They have a variety of solid, metallic, and pearlescent colors. Its not cheap but it will make your iPod Touch unique from the rest of the iDevice users. » Give Your iPod Touch 4G The Color Of Your Choice

Oct 06

Engadget received
a video from CEATEC of the new Fujitsu dual screen phone with TAT-designed interface. I am very surprised to see a phone like this and I am definitely interested in buying a phone like this. Both displays can be rotated between portrait and landscape, and it looks very good in combination with TAT’s software, especially the photo gallery if you ask me. » Video Of The New Fujitsu Dual Screen Phone

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