Nov 25

In an in-depth interview with Charlie Rose, Apple’s Jony Ive and design superstar Marc Newson riff on what makes good design so challenging and why they chose the items they did which are up for bid in the pair’s (RED) charity auction. Check out the 39 minute video after the break. » Interview With Charlie Rose, Jony Ive and Marc Newson

Nov 09 reports that an Australian Vodafone retail store has been evacuated after an in-store demo iPad “exploded”. “A burst of flames” appeared from the charging port of an iPad demo model, a Vodafone spokesperson said. The firebrigade was called in after the store filled with smoke and sparks continued to appear from the charging port. Nobody was injured during the incident. » Demo iPad Exploded In Australian Vodafone Store

Nov 02

T-Mobile CEO John Legere tweeted today to clarify that everyone with an iPad on T-Mobile  gets 200MB of free data with no strings attached. Earlier, customers trying to buy iPads on T-Mobile were told they would have to pay a $10 monthly fee to access the “free” data. John Legere told in a tweet that “the $10 per mo./fee written about today is incorrect“. » John Legere Confirms All iPads on T-Mobile Receive 200MB Free Data Each Month

Oct 22

A designer named Thomas Bogner shared his impressive concept of what Apple’s long-awaited iWatch might look like. » Amazing Animated iWatch Concept GIF

Oct 17

In January last year, the European Parliament was forced to pass a new law in order to curb the dumping of electronic goods like phones and computers in landfill sites. Dumping electronic goods in landfills is extremely dangerous to our environment: the toxic chemicals inside pollute the air and groundwater supplies continuously.

From 2016, EU member states must collect 45 tonnes of e-waste for every 100 tonnes of goods put on sale during the preceding three years. Manufacturers have been instructed by law to do the best they can for the environment, by offering their own recycling advice. If you’ve got an iPhone, you’re most likely to want to get rid of it as soon as the next model arrives. This is how you can do it without adding to the e-waste problem. » Recycling Your iPhone the Eco-Friendly Way: Top Tips

Oct 16

Chrisann Brennan was Steve Jobs’ girlfriend during the early formative years of Apple computer. She was living with Jobs and working in the shipping department at Apple, soldering disconnected chips into boards and assembling Apple II cases. Now Brennan “mother of Jobs’ child Lisa” has written a memoir about her early experiences with Steve Jobs, called “The Bite in the Apple: A Memoir of My Life with Steve Jobs.”

The book will will be released at the end of October and details many personal moments in the relationship between Jobs and Brennan. Brennan writes about Jobs’ volatile personality, their living arrangements, and his drug use and spirituality. » Steve Jobs’ Former Girlfriend Chrisann Brennan Details His Early Life in Upcoming Book

Oct 11

An internal document obtained by TechnoBuffalo reveals that Best Buy will offer a minimum $100 gift card toward the purchase of the iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c for any working smartphone. The promotion will start today October 11 and will run through October 19. » Best Buy Gives $100 Gift Card For Trade-In of Any Working Smartphone To Spend On iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c

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