May 12

pod2g announced that he successfully untethered jailbroken an iPad 3 running iOS 5.1. There is still no word on when a new jailbreak will be released, but we hope it will be soon. In the meantime check out the video above. » iPad 3 iOS 5.1 Untethered Jailbreak

Apr 30

Quasar Cydia tweak is the very first window manager for iPad that allows you to run apps in windows. When you open an application it will be opened in a window, just like on your computer. “Quasar is fully integrated to default app switcher, if you kill an application from the app switcher it will kill its window and the application, but if you click the close button, only the window will close and the application will continue to run in the background.» Quasar: New Cydia Tweak, Run Apps In Multiple Windows On iPad [jailbreak]

Apr 11

App Store developer Adam Bell released a new and unique tweak for jailbroken iPhones, called “Stride”. With Stride unlocking your iOS Device just got a whole lot cooler. Never again do you need to worry about entering some lengthy password, or are limited to 9 points on a grid. Simply draw your password. That’s it. » Stride: Fully Customizable Gesture Unlock System For Jailbroken iPhones [jailbreak]

Apr 04

A new tweak has been released in Cydia, Aero. Aero is a new iOS app switcher for iOS, it comes with 6 animation styles ( Linear, CoverFlow, Cylinder, Rotary, Wheel and Time Machine ) and it is available for $1.99 in Cydia Store via the modmyi repo. Check a video of the Aero tweak after the break. » Aero: New iOS App Switcher Tweak [jailbreak]

Apr 03

Ryan Petrich has updated Activator to v1.6.2 and now supports iOS 5.1. There are also a view bug fixes and new features. “Activator is a centralized gesture, button and shortcut management system that allows you to customize your iOS experience.” » Activator v1.6.2 Now Supports iOS 5.1 [jailbreak]

Mar 29

The SwitcherLand tweak that has recently landed on the Cydia store, is introducing support for the alternative landscape orientation when the switcher tray has been invoked by the user. After installation, SwitcherLand extends the abilities of the switcher tray to support the alternative orientation but still stays true to the original functionality and contains the familiar media controls, Music app access and even a orientation lock option that allows the user to lock the device into landscape orientation. » SwitcherLand: Multitasking Switcher In Landscape Mode [jailbreak]

Mar 26

A new Tweak called “Bars” has been launched in the Cydia Store. Bars lets you you see more about your signal strength, without having to decode what an RSSI is. You still get the familiar five bars, but with an added bonus: if you have got 3.5 bars of signal, the fourth bar will be half full. » Bars: Gives Better Phone Signal Stats [Cydia]

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