Dec 02

Well i upgraded to 2.2 and guess what, THERE WAS NO TRANSFORMER APP! if you dont know what the transformer app was, let me tell you it was awsome! it is a app that makes your iPod Touch look like a iPhone! and well, its GONE! Why!? well i dont KNOW why but i can surely tell you i hope it comes back. i think maby it was removed to be fixed. why you may ask? well, it have some bugs. if you remember after you got it it worked fine, but when you turn off your iPod, then the bugs came out. First, the Phone app will have a blank “bubble” on it (Showing a Missed call, but it was blank). Next the SMS app. if you wrote a sms and deleted it, then you closed the app and open it back up, it was still there. so i hope that this is just gone to be fixed, but i will keep yall posted out it. when/if it comes back out i WILL let yall know!

Nov 26

As most of you know this feature is already available in the latest iPhone firmware 2.2 but since yesterday also for the iPod Touch. Street View Enabler is only for iPod Touch running FW 2.2 and available in the catergory ““Utilities”” of Cydia through the BigBoss repo.
» Cydia – Street View Enabler (For iPod Touch)

Nov 19

The developers of MCleaner released the latest version of MCallShow. Version 1.2 supports Jailbreak iPhoneOS 2.x. and offer MCallShow Database Editor, which helps you to customize the database.
» Cydia – MCallShow 1.2

Nov 17

Since yesterday there’s a new version of iRealSMS out there – for all of us who jailbroke their iPhone.

iRealSMS comes via Cydia and offers a landscape mode for “everything SMS”, meaning that you can’t only use the iPhone in landscape mode for typing new messages, no, you also can read your conversations with your iPhone held sideways.
» iRealSMS goes 2.0

Nov 16

Moon Phase is an iPhone web widget, that will display the current phase of the moon. It will also allow you to enter any date, and see what the moon phase will be. There is also a countdown feature that will tell you how many days are left until the next full moon.
» Cydia – Moonphase

Nov 09

A new version of vWallpaper and vRingtones has been released on Cydia for the iPhone 2.x firmware.
» Cydia – vWallpaper and vRingtones for firmare 2.X

Nov 06

biteSMS has been updated to version 2.5. The current update include a lot of new functions , like landscape mode and the ability to insert your current GPS location coordinates etc…The general release is expected next week.
» Cydia – biteSMS 2.5

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