Aug 08


You would expect that I have a jailbroken iPhone, right? Well I do. Since yesterday. I finally decided to jailbreak my iPhone and WOW, I slap myself and think “why didn’t I do this earlier?”. It’s so much better then what Apple gives us. And I just found out that I now belong to the small 8,43% of people who have a jailbroken iPhone. I feel so happy.

» More People Jailbreak Their iPhone

Aug 03

devteam 2For iPhone users with a jailbreak it always remains hard to decide wether to update to the next firmware or not. The questions that circle in your mind are: “Is it already possible to jailbreak?” “Can I unlock it after the update?”. There’s only one webstie that always has an up-to-date answer. And that website now has an application.

» Get Latest Information With ‘DevTeam’ App

Jul 30

cydiastore19a-1Cydia is doing well. According to the statistics Cydia earned almost a 1/4 of a million with $210.000. After all they did for the developers who didn’t get a chance in the App Store, because their apps were rejected by Apple, Cydia really earned it.

» Cydia Store Earned Every Penny

Apr 02

bitesms-logoNow a days, having a jailbroken iPhone is a must, let see a simple example for sms function for iPhone, no ability to forward sms, no ability to delete single sms and let alone QuickReply and QuickCompose. You must be wondering what are QR and QC? well if you’re familiar with iRealSMS, QuickSMS or whatsoever, these app already have this function, but lately biteSMS as one of the competitor of SMS app for jailbroken iPhones, just launched a big update 3.2 (beta 2a) which included QuickReply and QuickCompose

» [Update] BiteSMS with QuickCompose

Mar 31

icy1The guys from Ripdev released a new direct Cydia competitor called Icy. Check out the demo and speed test video after the break.
» Icy: alternative to Cydia

Mar 26

cydelete3CyDelete lets you uninstall Cydia applications directly from the springboard just like normal appstore applications. Just hold a springboard icon down and tap on the X and the app is uninstalled. To reinstall, load Cydia and install the app again.
» Cydia – CyDelete

Mar 23

pinoysouldPinoySoul is the name of a new theme which is very similar to iNav.The theme is not yet available in cydia, but check out the preview and comments of the creator after the break.
» PinoySoul (Winterboard Theme)

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