Jan 10

MyCamera is a new tweak that you can download in the Cydia Store via the modmyi repo. It enables you to activate the camera app on your iPhone with any Activator method. You can also choose your own Activator method to take photos and videos. You need iOS 4.x to use MyCamera and can change your Activation settings in the Settings.app. » MyCamera: Take Photos Anyway You Want [jailbreak]

Jan 02

Move LockScreen to Unlock is a new tweak in the Cydia Store that you can get via the modmyi repo. It let you unlock your iDevice by simply moving the lockscreen out of the way, instead of the iOS unlock slider, you can activate Move LockScreen via the Unlock settings. » Move LockScreen to Unlock: Move The Entire Lockscreen To Unlock Your iPhone

Dec 27

There is a new app in the Cydia Store called Icon Renamer.It enables you to rename your icons quick and easy on your SpringBoard. Simple tap and hold to enter jiggle mode, then tap the icon you want to rename. Icon Renamer is a free app that you can get via the BigBoss repo.

Dec 13

Apple has disabled a jailbreak detection API, but no one knows why. Apple did this without any explanation. This jailbreak detection API could see if your iDevice is modified or not, and disables the feature to sync with iTunes. This can mean two thinks. One, Apple finally surrendered and let jailbreakers do his thing “but that’s very unlikely”, or Apple found an other way to stop people from jailbreaking their iDevice. We don’t have more information yet but will let you know when we do. » Apple Disabled Jailbreak Detection API

Dec 13

Christmas 2010 will be a good Christmas for iOS 4.2.1 users. iCykey sended a tweet to Comex saying “I want a 4.2.1 untethered jailbreak for Christmas :P” Comex responded with “you’ll get it”. We don’t know when Comex will release his new jailbreak exactly but, we do know that you probably need the SHSH-data from iOS 3.2.2 (iPad) or iOS 4.1 to jailbreak iSO 4.2.1. I will keep you updated when more information will be released.

Dec 12

FunkySpaceMonkey uploaded a movie showing a new “small but fun” tweak that you can get in the Cydia Store. Its still in beta mode and is actually pretty useless/buggy till now, so lets hope they will release a working version pretty soon. IconSpiral will transform all your iPhone icons in a massive spiral. Add the next repo to Cydia to get IconSpiral: http://www.aaron.ms/repo. » IconSpiral: All Your iPhone Icons In A Massive Spiral [jailbreak movie]

Dec 11

WeBe++ is a $5 application that you can download from the Cydia Store via the BigBoss repo. It transforms your iDevice into a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard with all functions and is compatible with any Bluetooth capable device, including Windows & Mac OS X & PS3. It has been tested to work on iPod 2G and 3G, and all iPhones/iPads running iOS 3.0 and up. » WeBe++: A Bluetooth Mouse And Keyboard For Your iDevice [jailbreak]

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