Apr 04

main_thank-youjpgWe end the DTF-iPhoneFreakz contest today. It was an overwhelming response from our readers. Our team is really glad to see the entries. » DTF iPhoneFreakz contest: Thank you Players!

Apr 03


Click your iPhone photographs and send us. We’ll pick some of the coolest and publish them on iPhoneFreakz.com AND we will give away prizes sponsors by Digital Film Tools » DTF-iPhoneFreakz Photo Contest- ENDS!

Mar 05

banglitePortablehole the developer of BangLite! have announced a challenge on their website in which they give 25$ iTunes cards away on a daily basis. So what should you do to win one of these? Hit the break to read the details:
» App Store – The BangLite! Challenge

Feb 16

iugome2iUgome the publisher/developer who brought us Toy Bot diaries decided to start a contest with a big price of 10.000$. So what do you have to do to get this 10.000$? Buy their 3 TBD games via the app store and collect 25 datapads that you can find in the game. Hit the break for some more information.
» Iugome $10.000 contest!

Jan 07

First off, i would like to thank everyone who participated in this fun activity! I had lots of fun putting together all of these wallpapers, but the time is now that i have to stop it, rest assured there will be more contests like these in the future. I and some Unknown judges have selected Seven of the BEST wallpapers that were entered. They are inside this post. Please remember, THIS CONTEST IS OVER, DO NOT SEND ANYMORE TO ME! i will host another contest like this soon, i am open to suggestions :) Please leave a comment!!! » iPhone Wallpaper Contest – OVER!!!

Jan 06

Hi, guys this is ahu125, and i have a little contest for you (The Viewer).  There will be no Winner, Justpeople all over the world can see your wallpaper and use it for THEIR iPhone! You can either send in a Downloaded wallpaper, or make your OWN wallpaper! (Wallpapers containing Nudity, Porn, or any violence, Ect.. will NOT be posted on this Blog!) There will be a collection of wallpapers, and they will be added on the bottom of THIS post, for ALL to see/download! Please act now! and send your wallpapers to ahu125@gmail.com » iPhone Wallpaper Contest

Jul 14

The iPhone Dev-Team has set a update on their blog. They show a video where they break the iBoot. This is the procedure needed to get our beloved iPhones pwned with pwnage tool 2.0. The full article + video after the break.
» iPhone dev-team update

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