Jul 14

Monsters thrive below the surface. Swarms of insects and evil creatures have overrun dungeons filled with traps and vicious bosses who hide around every corner. Welcome to the world of Pocket RPG! Crescent Moon Games, of Aralon and Gears fame, is excited to announce the release of this treasure hunting, monster slashing, dungeon raiding game for the iPad developed by Tasty Poison Games! Check more information and movie after the break. » Crescent Moon Games Releases Pocket RPG For iPad Today!

Jul 12

Tugi Tap is a fun tapping game for the iPhone and OMI Development released its first update today. Tugi Tap v1.1 includes a lot of new fun and addictive features. This includes some graphical updates, for better gameplay experience. Some minor bug fixes and they also added gameplay explanation for each level & mini game “as Tugi Tap users requested”. Last but not least, a new MINI Game! has been added, which is unique and highly addictive. You can download Tugi Tap on the iPhone for just $0,99 in the App Store. » Tugi Tap v1.1 Released Today!

Jul 11

Snipper, a Dutch start-up, goes live today on all main smartphone platforms: iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and from next week, Symbian. The innovative app makes it possible for users to easily record and broadcast short films directly from mobile to mobile. Snipper users can share their special moments via their own channels – Private only for specifically invited viewers, or Public to share with anyone. The user decides who gets to see what. » SNIPPER: New Way To Share Videos Across All Platforms

Jul 11

Worry Free Labs is pleased to announce the release and worldwide availability of Sticker Factory, their new shape matching game that makes the most out of the iPad’s technological capabilities. With a simple concept in the core, the title requires both speed and accuracy. It presents a mix of matching fun and education, encouraging music and cute artwork. Sticker Factory features 11 action-packed levels with 11 sets of colorful stickers. » Sticker Factory: Fun For The Kids!

Jul 09

A Brooklyn-based artist is being investigated by Apple and the Secret Service after Kyle McDonald installed a program on computers in two New York Apple Store locations that automatically takes a photo every minute. Now his personal computers have been confiscated by the U.S. Secret Service. McDonald his project was to capture people their expressions as they stare at computers, a subject he had first explored in a recording he made of his own computer time over two days using the same program. “I thought maybe we could see ourselves doing this we would think more about our computers and how we’re using them,” he says. After investigating Apple costumers, Apple decided to investigate him instead. » Artist Being Investigated By Apple & The Secret Service

Jul 08

Flurry compared the revenue generated by pricing model, freemium vs. premium, among the top 100 grossing games in January and June of this year. Premium simply means charging for the download (e.g., $0.99). Freemium describes the free-to-play model, where the game is given away for free, and then the consumer can purchase virtual currency and/or virtual goods through in-app-purchases.  Tracking over 90,000 apps with its analytics service, Flurry can measure the amount of revenue generated per ranked position in the App Store top grossing category. The chart above compares the proportion of revenue generated by each model. » Free To Play Revenue Overtakes Premium Revenue In The App Store

Jul 07

It is a simple, honest goal in life. Start a family, watch it grow. Get a bigger house, watch the family grow more. But add in puzzles, games, crazy relatives and their wacky costumes, bright colors and vivid graphics and you turn that everyday dream into a fun, handheld everyday game! Mobile games developer Com2uS popular Korean title, Puzzle Family, has been set loose on the iTunes App Store today! » Think Your Family Is Crazy? Meet COM2US Puzzle Family

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