Nov 14

tomtom_logoUsers of TomTom’s popular iPhone navigation application will soon be able to use new advanced features in TomTom update 1.2. Last Thursday the update was submitted to Apple for approval. » TomTom Submitted Update 1.2

Nov 12

app_storeThe approval system of Apple has been in the news this year more often then previous years. According to the complaints the system is slow and developers don’t get any insight at all. Many developers had to wait weeks (sometimes even months) before their application was finally approved and showed up in the App Store. To give the developers some insight and a little bit more bearable, Apple made a tracking system which shows the steps to follow before the app gets approved.

» Apple Gives Developers More Insight With Tracking System

Nov 11


Capcom release the iPhone version of their long runningĀ Ghosts ‘n Goblins franchise with the “Gold Knights” edition. » Ghosts ‘N Goblins “Gold Knights” In The App Store

Nov 09

So you’re working on your PC and you’re using Word and Photoshop at the same time. Then, all of a sudden you see a blue screen. Your newly bought PC cannot handle the stress and just turns off. So you think…correction, you shout all kinds of words that cannot be found in the dictionary and really want to grab a tree and turn your PC into a pile of dust with it. The problem is, you’ll have to buy a new PC (or ofcourse you’re switching to a Mac). There’s a solution to that problem now. You can destroy your PC with an app on your iPhone. The “Crazy Smashing Computer” application from Junwei Wang, can do that. » Destroy Your Computer With “Crazy Smashing Computer”

Nov 09

6inch_optIf you have an app for the iPhone, you’d like that app to reach the Top 50. That’s when the money starts coming in at a really fast rate. If you are high in the ranking list, people will notice your app and buy it. The app on the number one place will be downloaded much more then apps not present in that list. What happens when Apple accidentally places your app on the number one? » Glitch In App Store Puts App On Number One In Top 50

Nov 08

eliminate proIn just a few days Eliminate Pro became extremely popular. Good reviews are coming in. However, people are commenting that the controls don’t work smoothly enough and that the Power Cells are too expensive. Waiting 4 hours before you can earn credits again is a long time. Ngmoco now has a special offer. Something they plan to do every now and then. » Eliminate Pro: Get Free Power Cells!

Nov 07

the settlers logoI posted a trailer about this game yesterday and said that the game will be out somewhere in November. While I was really looking forward to the game, I thought it will probably be out near the end of the month. But it showed up today! I was very surprised to see The Settlers alive and well in the App Store. » Gameloft’s “The Settlers” Already In The App Store

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