Oct 01

It’s looking like SHAtter is going to be the gift that keeps on giving, because the dev team managed to jailbreak the Apple TV 2G thanks to SHAtter. SHAtter was already able to hack the iPhone 4 and now it gives us a new gift, a jailbroken Apple TV 2G. The Dev Team already thought it will be possible, but now they succeeded. » Dev Team Managed To Jailbreak The Apple TV 2G

Sep 28

Apple TV jailbreak SHAtter
The Dev-Team announced via twitter that they found a exploit to jailbreak the Apple TV, thanks to the “already famous” SHAtter method. This makes the Apple TV more interesting because this opens even more doors for the iOS/jailbreak developers » Apple TV Jailbreak Exploit Found By Dev-Team

Sep 28

The rumor that the Apple TV will be iOS based is confirmed. Apple already posted the restore firmware “version 4.1” for the Apple TV and you can download it here. Because its iOS based “which is the same software running on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad” it is most likely there will be a App Store available for the Apple TV. This could be a big thing for iOS developers and maybe the Apple TV can even be a competition for the Wii. » Confirmed: Apple TV Will Run On iOS!

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