Mar 31

FireCore announced that they are happy to release a new versions of Seas0nPass and aTV Flash (black) that are compatible with latest 5.0 (iOS 5.1) software running on the ATV2. “A ton of work has gone into getting everything updated, and a huge thanks go out to Brandon Holland (@640774n6) and Dustin Howett (@DHowett) who both contributed immensely in adding support for 5.0.” » Apple TV On OS 5.0 Tethered Jailbroken [jailbreak]

Jan 02

LG already makes iPod Touch and iPhone Retina Displays, some iPad displays and there has been reports that claimed LG is providing the television behind the Apple HDTV. Now LG showed an amazing new 55-inch OLED HDTV at the Consumer Electronic show. They have a 4 mm bezel -that is half the thickness of an iPhone 4S- and weighs in at a paltry 16.5-pounds. In addition, things like “1,000 times faster than LED/LCD displays” and “infinite contrast ratio” makes this sound like one of the best displays of 2012. Can this be the display of the new Apple HDTV? Check out more pictures after the break. » LG Announces 55-Inch OLED HDTV, Working On Apple HDTV

Dec 31

iOS apps running on AppleTV
Developer Steven Troughton-Smith has been working with a developer named TheMudKip to add iOS application functionality to the Apple TV. “Using @TheMudkips MobileX window manager for iOS, and @chpwns MobileLaunchpad launcher to go with it, we now have multiple iOS apps running natively on AppleTV, without AirPlay.» iOS Apps Running On AppleTV

Dec 15

Just a quick update to inform you that Apple released an update for the 2nd generation Apple TV, version 4.4.4 (9A406a). This update comes with some bug fixes, but we dont know if there is anything new, if it is let us know. You can download the new firmware via your Apple TV or via the direct link.

Dec 13

TheNextWeb reported that the Apple TV is now available in the Brazilian online Apple Store, only a few hours after Apple started offering films and music in the Brazilian iTunes Store. In Brazil Apple products are way more expensive than in the US, the Apple TV can be purchased for R$399 in Brazil (US$217) while it only costs $99 in the US. » Apple TV Is Now Available In Brazil

Oct 28

Apple TV Siri
According to the New York Times Apple is definitely building a television set and will include extensive voice control courtesy of Siri. Executives at Apple knew as far back as 2007 that the company would eventually make a dedicated TV, and the TV can be announced as soon as late 2012 with a consumer release in 2013. » Apple Looking To Launch Siri-Enabled Television Set By 2013

Jul 23

FireCore had their nose to the grindstone as they work to add features and squash bugs, so without any further ado they are happy to present you with a brand new version of Media Player 0.6. » Media Player 0.6 Released For Apple TV

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