Nov 22

500x_mac-tablet-concept-2Cond√©¬†Nast is a magazine publisher and has made a concept of an interface for the Apple Tablet. They say they don’t have any knowledge of the Apple Tablet, but earlier reports also stated Apple approached The New York Times to start working on developing content for the mythical device. » Apple Tablet Mock-Up Of Interface

Nov 20

apple tabletThis quite unique. The much rumored Apple Tablet has not even be officially announced yet and it is already delayed. A new rumor suggests that Apple decided to change some parts of the tablet device. The OLED-screen that Apple wants to implement in their new product takes a little longer then expected. The initial release was planned in the first quarter of 2010 but has now moved to the second quarter. » Unannounced Apple Tablet Delayed?

Oct 29


Apple contacted The New York Times to discuss getting the newspaper content on the upcoming Apple Tablet. Other rumors suggest Apple wants to bring interactive comics to the tablet computer. They also contacted Australian media companies about the same proposal. And before that, rumors leaked about Foxconn being the most likely manufacturer of the device. New rumors seem to confirm that rumor.

» Apple Very Busy Making Arrangements For Upcoming iTablet

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