May 11

The German company HMB-TEC’s gadgets has created over 20 gadgets that do things in the physical world. Starting from totally unnecessary gadgets like the “ipocket Fan Fan for iPhone” or the “Laser Pointer”, up to more handy gadgets like a “Flashlight” or “Wi-Fi and IR Remote Controllers”. All gadgets need the electrical current from the headphone jack in your iDevice. But face it, these gadgets are only for the real iPhoneFreakz right? » Useful & Totally Unnecessary iPhone Gadgets

May 10

apple-iwatchA Italian designer has designed a Apple concept called the iWatch. The name said it all it’s a watch from Apple. The aluminium watch got 16GB intern memory, Wi-Fi and uses Bluetooth to connect to your iPhone or iPad. Ones connected you can answer calls, reed RSS feeds, see your photos and it even got a pico-projector to project you photos or videos onto the wall. Concept photos after the break. » Apple iWatch Concept

May 07

You have probably already seen some keyboards for the iPad or docks, right? Well ClamCase claims they will ship a “Laptop-Like” case later this year. It is created to protect the iPad, including a keyboard for heavy typing and got a movable screen so you can still use the iPad the normal way. It looks nice but is this what iPad users are looking for? Maybe they should upgrade it by adding an extended battery in this case for extra battery life. Are you interested in a product like this, tell us. They created a video of the Clamcase that you can see after the break. » Clamcase Laptop-Like iPad Dock

Apr 23

If you are familiar with power cases for the iDevices you probably know the juice packs created by Mophie, Mophie is the creater of the thinnest battery cases for the iPhone and iPod Touch, but is this still the case? Mili claims they just created the smallest battery case for the iPhone, being just a twentieth of an inch thinner than the well known Juice Pack Air. The Mili Powercase includes a 1200mAh battery just like the Juice Pack Air “enough to double your run time” and will cost you £47.99. Will Mophie respond by creating a even thinner case? » Mili PowerSkin: Thinnest iPhone Battery Case!

Mar 19

22Moo gamebone22Moo, an Australian hardware company. Has created a new version of the GameBone, the GameBone was the first iPhone controller that has been revealed back in June of 2009. Unfortunately the GameBone wasn’t a success and didn’t hit the market. Now 22Moo is pretty confident about the new version of the GameBone.

» iPhone GameBone Controller For C64 And Amiga Games

Mar 17

AirStash is a Wi-Fi card reader that creates his own Wi-Fi network. You can connect with your iDevice to use the content on the SD/SDHC card inserted into the AirStash. Drop all your movies and music on a SD card, this way you don’t have to use the intern memory on your iPhone.

» AirStash: Wi-Fi Cardreader For Your iDevice

Mar 12

idongleBack in January Geohot said he was thinking of creating dongle for iDevices with a tethered jailbreak. Unfortunately we didn’t hear anything from Geohot about the dongle since then. Luckily for the tethered jailbreak users there is a new guy in town, @mribreakit who has successfully created the iDongle.

» iDongle: Standalone Tethered Boot Dongle For 3.1.2 Devices [jailbreak]

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