Jailbreak + Unlock

This is a no nonsense guide to start jailbreaking and unlocking your iPhone.
For this tutorial i’m using iLiberty+ and i must say that this app is really the best that i’ve used so far.

I’ll show you a exact howto.

1) Download the latest version of iLiberty+ from here.

2) Install the app and run it after the installation.

3) On the opening screen, enable the Jailbreak, Activate, Youtube fix, Unlock, Downgrade bootloader and Cydia.

4) click on Advanced. and then on Available on repo.


5) Click on refresh to load all the app’s (payload) from the REPO.

6) Activate the following.

– Appsupport patch for 1.1.2- 1.1.4

– Bootneuter

– BSD Subsystem

– Fix mobile folder permission

– Installer (very important !! if you don’t select this one, you will only have Cydia to install your apps.)

– International Support for iPhone 1.1.4

– OpenSSH

– Relocate Fonts and Ringtones

7) clik on the download button to prepare your payloads. (this can take quite some time)

8) Now click on local payloads. And select all the options you have there.

9) Now go back to the standard tap.

10) Connect your new or restored iPhone to your PC and wait untill iLiberty+ detects your iPhone. (you will see it when iLiberty ‘s GO FOR IT button lights up and when you see Ready on the lower left of iLiberty+)

11) Click on the Go For IT button. Click ok on the popup and let iLiberty do it’s work.

12) If iLiberty doesn’t succeed in finding your iPhone the first time, don’t panic and just disconnect and reconnect your iPhone again.

13) Now watch the screen of your iPhone. This process should take some minutes, so be patient.

15) The next step is now to add the sources of the apps you’d like to have installed. See our how to add sources page and off course our sources page.

Voila that’s it. Easy he :)

18 Responses to “Jailbreak + Unlock”

  1. axn Says:

    Fantastic guide – congratulation!

  2. axn Says:

    Done. Everything is working. Also installed Cyndia and downloaded bunch of interesting applications.
    Some didn’t work so I deleted them. In the process the Cyndia disappeared as well.
    I do I get it back so I can download more applications?

    The iPhone is working perfect with out it and I am scared to screw it up..


  3. frenchy Says:

    I have a question… can u jailbraike if u have a custom firmware u created with Winpwn ?

  4. Jon Says:

    yes that is how you jailbreak.. you go into iTunes and click shift>restore and double click on the custom firmware you just created.

  5. artrunner205 Says:

    Alright, tried to jailbreak + unlock. was in the last step but it was taking forever so left computer and iphone over night. came back someone had turned off computer, and unplugged iphone. iphone now is repeating
    BSD root: md0, major 2, minor 0 over and over. help

  6. Joe Says:

    I can’t unlock my phone , I do successfully download the 2.1 FW , but I don’t have signal :-( , when try to unlock it by ilibarty the application don’t recognize the recovery mode, so I stuck in the “Go for it” , can’t continue:-(

    what to do , please help meeeee.

  7. aza Says:

    does this work even if you havent got an iphone cuz brought iphone jailbroken and apps wouldnt work so restored it and havent got iphone sim

  8. aza Says:

    does this work even if you havent got an iphone sim i was meant to say lol

  9. Jacki Says:

    I have locked v1.1.1 Iphone 2G.
    Should I downgrade from 4.6 to 3.9FB or leave this option out..?

  10. Juan Says:

    Hi, i bought my iphone 6 month ago and about 2 month the images, safari and the ipod didn´t rotate when turn the iphone.
    But the problem is not permanent, it works again perfectly at 2 weeks but stop´s to work again.
    I´m from Uruguay and here nobody knows abaut this, coud you please tell me abaut this mal function in my iphone?
    Thank´s and please contact me, Juan.

  11. tre1 Says:

    hey i followed all of that on the site but still nothing HEEEEEEEEELP :???:

  12. TTXC Says:

    will this work on iphone 3G

  13. shahab Says:

    i have a question,can i use this method for just installing cydia?

  14. Mario Says:

    what is the unlock pin?

  15. Aran Says:

    does that mean that if i unlock my iphone i can still get all the applications

  16. Aran Says:

    If i unlock my iphone can i still get all the apps

  17. Pasquale Moscatello Says:

    I ahve an i68+ sciphone and would like to put ‘say who’ or another voice dialer on…but since I am not a certified Apple registrant I can not access the Apple I store … can/will you assist me in obtaining a voice dial app for my clone? Thank you
    Pasquale Moscatello – pat4film@verizon.net

  18. juan Says:

    this is wat i get wen i try to refresh..Error on: http://iLiberty.zjlotto.com/repo.plist (151: Not Found)

    any help?

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