Jun 28

Ever wanted to change the look of your beloved iPhone like Croiman did? That’s now possible by a DIY (do it yourself) kit released by gigapascal. You can chose to mod your iPhone to a gold or black titanium version with their 99$ diy kit. check the post for more information.

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May 31

Croiman is up to it again. Some days ago he released Psycho Super Prefs upon us, and today he released his music player mod. I won’t talk much about it but i’ll show you the screens so you can decide if you like it or not :)

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Jun 11

Croiman did it again. After his very successful previous mods, he now changed the look of our Mobile safari.

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Jun 08

Psycho Super Prefs got updated to version 1.1. The 1.0 had a problem with some icons. This release fixes those icons.

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May 26

Psycho super prefs is a advanced preferences screen created by ifoneguide.nl and croiman. You may remember croiman as he was the guy who made the now infamous iPhone Mod. The mod gives you a ton of extra options that apple doesn’t let you modify on with the standard preferences screen. The tweaks include, display, logpower, […]

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Apr 29

Our dutch friends have made an truly awesome case mod for the iPhone. They replaced the internal led’s so the apple sign on the back now shines white when you turn it on. They also replaced the standard grey back by a custom made metal backplate. It’s just too much to tell.

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