Jun 26

Gambling on the iPhone and iPad is getting increasingly more popular and it looks like the popularity of casino-apps will only increase in the future. Both on iOS and Android there are tons of ways to test your luck, but for some people the excitement is not worth the risk of losing money. That is why so called ‘social casino apps’ are extremely successful.

Social casino apps are applications that allow you to play games like slotmachines, roulette, blackjack and video poker with online friends. The difference with “regular” casino apps or websites is the fact that you are actually not gambling. On a social casino you don’t bet real money and don’t win real money. You simply play for fun or play to practice before you decide to test your luck in a real casino.

These social media casinos can be found everywhere, from Facebook on your pc till the App Store on your iPhone. They are great to play alone on your work brake or together with some friends to find out who is the better poker or blackjack player. A popular social casino for slotmachines is Live! Social Casino. When you download this apps you get 5000 free credits that you can use on the large selection of slotmachines. Every day more credits will be added to your account so you can keep on playing the next day if you didn’t have any luck the previous day. You can purchase more credits through in-app purchases, but keep in mind, you can never win real money.

Are you interested in more than just slotmachines? Seminole Social Casino is the app for you. Seminole Social Casino has a very active player base and offers dozens of slots, video poker and other table games. You will receive new credits every couple of hours so you can play any time of the day. If you are into more than just one specific casino-game than Seminole Social Casino is the app for you.

European gambling regulations
Although Europe is one continent, a lot of European countries disagree with each other on the subject of gambling. Therefore, the rules vary greatly from country to country. Some countries do allow online gambling with real money, while the same type of gambling is forbidden in other countries.

However, rules are slowly changing. For example, The Netherlands currently doesn’t allow online gambling with real money, but the country is working on legalizing online gambling in the future. The government of The Netherlands didn’t gave a specific date yet, so it’s best for Dutch people to focus on allowed games of chance for the time being. Social casino games are always allowed. If you live in Europe, it is wise to read the legislation surrounding gambling before you take the step to gamble with real money.

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