Dec 31

There is a big market for gambling-apps on mobile devices, which makes it very easy to play casino games on the go or place a bet on your favorite sport right from your iPhone or iPad. The Betfair Sports Betting-app is on of the most populair “bet-apps” available in the App Store and below you read why.

Money, money, money…..
Betfair Sports Betting makes it possible to place real bets on horse racing, soccer, basketball, boxing, tennis, darts and much more. When you win a bet you win real money and when you sign up for a free account, you will receive up to £/€100 in free bets, depending on how much you bet with your own money.

Within the app you can place bets on matches in over 20 different sports. You can follow the progress and winning odds of each and every bet you made in real-time, which is a huge plus. During the matches you will also receive notification of price updates and profits aswel as goals and red cards in real-time. Thanks to In-Place bets you can even place a bet on matches and events that are still in progress.

In your account you can manage your wallet or withdraw your money. Here you can also view your bet-history, to see how you have done in the past.

Betfair is a well-recognized name in the gambling industry and is one of the longest running online betting sites, which gives you the assurance that the money stored in your Betfair-account is safe. Betfair also accepts most of the populair payment methods for deposits and withdrawals, including MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, Western Union, Debit card and Skrill. * Some deposit methods may not be available in some particular countries.

The Betfair Sport Betting-app is the perfect app for anyone that is interested in placing a bet on their favourite sports. The app is easy to use, there are tons of matches to bet on and you can follow the whole progress in real-time. Also the winning odds are way greater than when you place a bet via a bookmakers.

So what are you waiting for, download the user-friendly Betfair Sport Betting-app in the App Store now and place your first bet on your iPhone or iPad today.

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