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Online gambling on mobile devices is getting more popular these days. It wasn’t always possible to play such games on iPhones, because Apple didn’t allow users to play Flash-files. As a response, casinos decided to develop their own iPhone apps. In countries like The Netherlands casino-apps weren’t allowed in the App Store, but luckily a lot of things have changed in the last years. Thanks to HTML 5 it is now possible to play iPhone roulette via the browser on your smartphone. Flash is no longer needed to play casino games on your iPhone.

The gamble experience is approaching reality

The first thing you wil notice is that online roulette looks very similar to real roulette. Thanks to the 3D-animations it feels like you are playing in the real world. It even feels like you are joining a real roulette table, where the croupier is already waiting for you. All you have to do is place a bet and start playing. You can create an account and deposit real money all from your mobile device. After you made your first deposit you can place a bet and test your luck. Because it is getting more easy to gamble from mobile devices, iPhone Casino games are getting increasingly more popular in countries like The Netherlands.

The benefits of gambling via your iPhone

Obviously there are a couple of benefits when gambling on your mobile device. The main benefit is the possibility to gamble anywhere you go. All you need is an internet connection. So even when you are on holiday you can try to win a nice amount of money. Another benefit is the freedom to choose the speed of the game, since it works exactly the same way as a casino game on a computer. When you play in a real casino it can easily take up to a couple of minutes before all other players placed their bet and the courier is ready to spin the wheel. You won’t experience this when gambling on your phone.

Discover other casino games on your phone

Roulette is not the only type of casino game that you can play on your iPhone. Other table games, such as Blackjack en Punto Banco are also available. Apart from these games you can also play different types of video slots. The amount of available games has increased a lot over the last couple of years. This makes it even more fun to gamble on your mobile device. You even have the possibility to join a live casino. In a live casino session you will be connected to a real roulette table in Malta. From Malta you can gamble and win real money, without buying a ticket. You just play on your mobile phone. There are a couple casinos that only work with a special app, but most casinos don’t require you to install anything. However, casinos with an app do offer more games, so go ahead and test some apps from the App Store.

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