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If you have been using an iPhone for some time now, you would be pretty familiar with the fact that the transference of data between your iPhone and your computer is very important due to a number of different reasons. You often need to transfer your contacts, messages, pictures, music & videos from your PC to iPhone whenever you are willing to update your iPhone’s multimedia collection. In addition to this, a new iOS version is launched by Apple almost every year. So when we have to update our iOS to the latest version, it is important to keep a backup of the important data and then transfer it back to the iPhone after we are done with the update. Another reason to carry out transference of data between your iPhone and your computer is when we switch to iPhone after using an Android powered device for a long time. Last but not the least, our iPhone keeps on encountering different kinds of issues with its functionality. In such scenarios, the best course of action is to take a backup and store it to your computer in order to keep from losing any important data.

There are several ways to transfer data to iPhone. The most commonly used one in this regard is Apple’s official utility called iTunes but it comes with a number of flaws. That’s the reason why a number of iPhone users usually prefer using some alternate tool to transfer contacts, messages, pictures, music & videos from a PC to their iPhone. A few details that might come in very handy in this regard are given below for your convenience and understanding.

Part 2: How to transfer your contacts/message/pictures/music/video from PC to iPhone without iTunes?

As mentioned above, there are different software utilities available in the market that help us transferring different kinds of content from our PC to our iPhone but if you are looking for the best among the others, it is highly recommended to check out Wonder Share’s all new product known as TunesGo. It is undoubtedly the best alternative to iTunes when you want to transfer data from your PC into your iPhone. A few of the most notable features offered by TunesGo are listed below in order to give you a general idea about what the product is capable of.
• Doesn’t require iTunes
• Allows the transference of multimedia content without the restrictions of iTunes
• One click solution when you want to take your iPhone’s backup
• Perfectly backs up & restores your iTunes library
• Allows direct data transference between Android and iOS devices
• Allows transference of audio and video files from your iPhone to your PC
• Allows creation of images, videos and GIF files
• Offers one click deletion facility
• Allows de-duplication of repeated contacts
• Fixes and optimizes song info, covers, tags & ID3
• Backs up and exports contacts, SMS and MMS
• Supports all the iOS as well as Android devices
• Offers full compatability with iOS 10.3

Steps to follow in order to transfer data from your PC to iPhone

In order to use TunesGo to transfer your important data from your PC to your iPhone, you need to follow the simple and easy steps listed below:

Step 1: First of all, you need to download, install and run the TunesGo utility on your computer.

Step 2: Now you need to plug your iPhone into your computer using a USB data cable. Your iPhone would be instantly detected by TunesGo. Move on to the next steps.

Step 3: Now that you have connected your iPhone to your computer, you have check out the top right side of the screen for a button saying ‘+Add’. Now click on the upper side of the column in order to select the kind of files you are willing to transfer to iPhone. These include music, photos, videos and a variety of other files as well.

Select the files in order to initiate the transference. After a few moments, your new files would be transferred to your iPhone which may be accessed later.

Part 3: Power transfer of TunesGo

As discussed above, TunesGo is a powerful utility that comes in very handy when you are willing to carry out iPhone data transference without using iTunes since it is highly restricted and quite complicated. So using TunesGo, you can easily transfer a song, video, photo, contact or any other file present on your computer to your iPhone within no time.

TunesGo supports multimedia files in a number of different formats. There are 30 different formats that are actually supported by this utility to help you transfer any kind of data from your PC to your iPhone, iPod, iPad or even to your android powered devices as well. For example, in case of audio files, TunesGo supports MP3, WMV, AIF, etc. Similarly, in case of video files, the supported formats include MOV, AVI, MP4, etc.

Another high end feature offered by TunesGo is its two way synchronization facility. iTunes only offers a single way synchronization in which the device is synced in accordance with the computer. But in case of TunesGo, both the computer as well as the iPhone gets synced to each other without even the requirement of covering any existing files.

TunesGo also enables you to transfer all your music back into the library of iTunes. You can select all your playlists from your iPhone, iPad or iPod and put them back to your music library that comes with iTunes in order to create a smoother and more pleasant experience in a fully organized manner.

So in order to finalize things, it may be said that TunesGo is the best alternate to iTunes when you are interested in transferring your computer data into your iPhone. It offers convenience in addition to a whole lot of high end features that make it a great choice for this purpose.

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