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The iOS system on iPhones and iPads is very reliable and isn’t that vulnerable for viruses, malware and hackers as Android is. However, no operating system is 100% hacker-proof. This is why it is wise to install some applications that can help you prevent attacks from hackers. Below we created a short list of applications that will protect your smartphone from hackers and give users a better experience using their smartphone and play games.

Before we take a look at applications that can actually prefect attacks from hackers, we would like to advice everyone to activate Find My iPhone. Most users already know what this function does, but for those who are unfamiliar, Find My iPhone can help you locate your iOS device. This is especially useful when someone steals your iPhone or iPad and you have very important data on you device. With Find My iPhone you can lock your device and track it down.

NordVPN is a VPN app that lets you safely access websites and apps using an IKEv2 security protocol. NordVPN re-routes and encrypts all web traffic making your connecting private and secure. This can be ideal for when you would like to play your favorite online roulette games.

Avira Mobile Security
Avira Mobile Security is basically an all-in-one security system for your iOS device. It comes with a digital vault that will protect your private data, including photos, passwords and creditcard details. It also lets you check whether your email has been breached and it can help you locate your missing or stolen devices.

SplashID Safe Password Manager
SplashID allows you to store online passwords, credit card details, registration codes, etc. It also helps you generate a secure password and can sync data via WiFi with the desktop version of the app.

Zero is an self learning application that helps you organise your emails by relevance and importance. It will filter out the spam to make sure you don’t become a victim of Phishing mails.

Lookout Mobile works similar as Find My iPhone, but it does come with a couple of extra features. For example, Lookout automatically saves the last known GPS-location before someone turns the iPhone off or the battery almost runs out. This location will be saved in your Lookout.com account. Lookout will also create a backup of your contacts in case you need them. Obviously you can also send a message or let the phone ring when you loose your iPhone.

Knock is not an application that will protect your iPhone, but it does help you protect you data on your Mac, which is just as important. Knock allows you to unlock your Mac by knocking on your phone twice, even when it’s in your pocket. If you own an Apple Watch you can also unlock your Mac using this smartwatch.

There are multiple virus scanners available for iOS, but most of these scanners are useless. iOS is already a very protected operating system, because most people can only download apps via the App Store. Applications in this store are checked by Apple before they become available.

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