Sep 02

mobile games

Mobile phones have a special place in everyday life. Because of this, a lot of people started playing their favourite online games on their phones. Games such as Bejewelled, Age of Empire, Team Fortress, Sim City and Roller Coaster Tycoon have all been released for smartphones and tablets, so people don’t have to stay home to play these games. Also more unknown games are releasing mobile versions of their online game, hoping more people wil notice their game.

But not only the known games are being played a lot on mobile devices. A good example of games that were not available on phones for a long time, but are now very populair, are casino games. Almost all online casino’s have released a mobile version, making it possible to gamble on smartphones and tablets anywhere you go.

Playing a casino game via a mobile casino is very easy and just as safe as when you play on a desktop. Even collecting your profit or making a deposit is possible via your smartphone or tablet. In most cases you need an account to play on a mobile casino. If you already joined the same casino on your desktop you could log in with the same username and password on your phone. So gambling on you phone is just as simple as gambling on you computer at home.

All mobile games are popular: well-known games, unknown games and games that until recently were never available on mobile device before. If we take a look at a research from Flurry, we can see that Android and iOS users spend 32% of their time on their device playing games. Applications are used the most. 86% of things being done on phones is being done by applications. The other 14% is being done via browsers. Both teenagers and adults actively play games during the holiday season or when they are on their way to school or work.

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