Jan 29

A video on Youtube shows a demo of iOS in the Car running in iOS Simulator. The developer also explained how other developers can enable this mode. To give iOS in the Car a try, developers need iOS 7.1 and Xcode 5.1 DP2 and follow the 3 simple steps after the break.

Before you try to break something:

  • It’s unofficial
  • It’s quite unstable

Three steps to get iOS in the Car up and running:

  • Get Xcode 5.1 DP2 (it was tested with DP2, and doesn’t seem to work correctly with other developer previews)
  • Clone https://github.com/zyafa/iOSCar
  • Build & Run cloned project and carefully follow instructions

Use Hardware > External Displays iOS Simulator menu to disable iOS in the Car.

via [FSM]

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