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Yes, the iPad is great right out of the box. There’s nothing like sitting in your home or dorm room and looking at that Apple packaging. However, there’s something to be said for all the great devices you can hook up through the audio jack to make it even better. If you’ve not even thought about this, you need to keep reading.

Cool Things to Connect to Your iPad

Here are some specific devices you can connect to your iPad easily using the audio jack.

Smart Thermometer: If you want something really useful to plug into your iPad, take a look at the smart thermometer that’s now available. It makes it easy to take your temperature and more. The price is cheap enough to make this something that every iPad owner should have on hand.
MicConnect: The Griffin MicConnect is a simple to use XLR Microphone Adapter for your iPad. The price is very reasonable and this gives you a great way to record good audio on your iPad without a lot of fuss or expense.
IK Multimedia iRig PRE Microphone Interface: If you’d rather connect your own microphone so that you can get even better quality recordings, check out this simple device that plugs into your iPad audio jack and gives you a way to use any microphone you want.
Converter: While this isn’t really revolutionary, it’s a lot of help if you have a great pair of headphones but they won’t fit into the audio jack on your new Apple iPad. Many different converters exist, so you’re sure to be able to find something that will allow you to use the headphones you want.
Anti-Dust Cover: As you know, the iPad is not a cheap mobile device. If you’re concerned with keeping yours working as well as possible, be sure to pick up an anti-dust plug that fits into your audio jack. This will ensure the plug doesn’t get ruined – and can give your iPad a little flair at the same time.
Retro Telephone Handset: This is a great gadget you can plug into your iPad and freak out your friends. It plugs into the headphones jack and resembles an old style telephone handset. You’ll even be able to control the volume as you use this to talk to your iPad. Your friends are going to freak when they see this one!

The iPad is really an amazing piece of tech. When you sit and look at the style and design, it’s easy to see that Apple engineers spent a lot of time making sure they got it right. And now, you’re going to be able to make it even better by adding various things using the headphones jack. If you know of any cool accessories we’ve missed, be sure to write a comment below and let us know.

Written by: Sara Xiang watches real estate for sale in lake Tahoe because she might move there someday.

Photo credits: Veronica Belmont

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