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Apple’s latest revolution, the iPad Air, was released November 1, just in time for small businesses gearing up to revamp goals and visions for 2014. It’s never too late to go mobile or update business management processes using mobile devices. Last quarter, the iPad generated $6.2 billion of revenue or 17 percent of Apple’s total revenue, highlights Business Insider. Apple’s revenue-generating tablet innovation indeed meets personal and business needs.

In the words of Apple, the iPad Air’s advanced wireless helps users “do more in more places.” Digitally inclined and technology-reliant entrepreneurs can manage a business right from the clutches of an iPad. Introduce the iPad Air into your business operations and improve how you manage workflow for 2014 with the following mobile apps.


Whether you’re at your home office or traveling for a conference, keep in touch with clients and employees with GoToMeeting. In seconds, you can schedule, host or join meetings on the iPad. The app provides onscreen communication flexibility; remote employees from anywhere can connect face-to-face to view presentations, share spreadsheets or discuss reports. On an iPad, the free HD video conferencing app features a whiteboard and highlighter for brainstorming sessions and HDFaces Video for exceptional video streaming.


The Intuit GoPayment app ensures that you’ll never miss a sale. Your iPad becomes a portable transaction machine and mobile card reader that accepts credit card payments. Easily sell merchandise at a local event by swiping a credit card and instantly gaining authorization. The customizable free app also records cash transactions, applies discounts and syncs with QuickBooks. Complement GoPayment with the QuickBooks Mobile app for managing invoices and accessing customer information, recommends the Intuit small business blog.


Readdle helps individuals manage documents and fill in forms while on the go. Readdle identifies itself as a Printer Pro ($6.99) and PDF Expert ($9.99). Wirelessly print email attachments, photos or Dropbox files on compatible printers within the Wi-Fi network. As an intuitive PDF tool, Readdle enables you to “read, annotate, sign and fill out PDF forms on the iPad,” describes Highlight text and save bookmarks using the PDF Expert tool. The Readdle app also features Calendar 5 ($6.99) for task management and viewing upcoming events on an easy-to-use interface.


Roambi analyzes large amounts of data and transforms it into digestible information. The free Roambi Analytics app helps you “understand your numbers” through interactive navigation and data visualization from diverse viewpoints. Analyzing spreadsheet or CRM data becomes an engaging, guided experience. Interact with your data and share or present it from a mobile perspective.

Improve your data management even more with the free Roambi Flow app that helps you “tell your story.” After complex data and numbers are generated into understandable views with Roambi Analytics, you can publish information using Roambi Flow and the app’s high-quality templates. Embed videos and add images using rich interactive media for creating content that you can share with employees, clients and customers — all on your iPad.

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