Oct 06

MarketWatch reports that Wal-Mart will cut the price of the iPhone 5c from $79—a $20 discount on Apple’s price—to $45 throughout the holiday season. They also note that RadioShack customers purchasing the iPhone 5C in-store will receive a $50 gift card that can be used toward their $99 iPhone 5C purchase.

Macrumor notes that price drops around the holidays are not terribly unusual for major iPhone retailers, but stores are being rather aggressive in announcing price drops on a brand-new iPhone model so soon after launch.

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One Response to “Walmart Drops iPhone 5c Pricing to $45 On Contract, Best Buy and RadioShack Offer $50 Gift Card”

  1. Mathew Gibson Says:

    Wow, it’s great that it’s at such a great deal right now, but sad that it has to be reduced so low due to it’s unpopularity. Does anyone know why the 5c is so unpopular compared to the 5s? Or are the prices on the 5s dropping as well?

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