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Business travel is big business — $250 billion goes toward business travel spending each year, according to the U.S. Travel Association. Getting paid to travel can sound like a great alternative to the daily office grind, but traveling frequently can wear on your stamina, physical health and ability to focus. Prevent feeling zapped when you’re making a business deal, and use the mobile apps designed specifically with the business traveler in mind.

Budget Basics

It can be a pain to keep an accurate account of expenditures in order to produce accurate expense reports. Expensify, a free app available for both iOS and Android systems, seamlessly imports your business expenses, from your bank account to your phone. You can easily access all of your data using your smartphone and T-Mobile’s 4G Internet. Then you can export data into a simple PDF file to track expenses for travel, accommodation, food, and more — all in one single document.

For a more basic budget-conscious app, check out Ace Budget, a customizable budgeting app that works on iOS platforms. This $0.99 app helps lead a team and manage expenses for a group. Create different categories for various expenses and income while tracking and monitoring budget data over time.

Transportation Tricks

Learning a public transportation system in a new city is a typical concern for business travelers. If getting from the airport to the conference center is stressful, download the following mobile apps designed to get you from point A to point B quickly and affordably.

GateGuru offers free transportation assistance on iOS platforms for the frequent flyer. You can receive real-time updates on your flights and gate changes, as well as reviews on the closest place to eat during your layover. This app also provides information on connecting ground transportation, which can help as you rush from the plane to the board room.

For big city travel, AllSubway is a steal at just $0.99. This iOS app provides information on the subway systems of more than 150 cities, making it a must purchase for the frequent flyer with accounts all over the world.

Healthy, Wealthy & Wise

Neglecting your physical health while on the road for work can be expected. Many apps help you stay in shape and eat nutritiously, but arguably the most important aspect of health is a good night’s sleep. Sleep Cycle is a sleeper hit among business travelers because it optimizes your natural sleep patterns by waking you up after you’ve completed your last REM cycle. For only $1.99 on iOS platforms, you wake during the lightest stages of sleep, which promises a more productive, rested day of work.

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