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Rampaging dragons led by Ator “Lord of the Skies” present new epic level challenges to the 6 million active monthly players of Locojoy’s international hit iOS game.  New players that download MT: Wrath of Ator during the Fourth of July holiday weekend will receive in-game rewards worth $25 (USD).

In MT: Wrath of Ator, the black dragon Ator and his allies are spreading chaos across the land.  Players must defeat several dragon bosses to reach Ator and stop the destruction of the world.

To aid them in battle, the new Synergy system grants buffs when certain hero cards are in the same party.  Pair the General with War Chief Rehk to create the Fearless Titans combo for a huge increase in HP.  When Chaz Rimewhister and Ghalim cooperate they unlock Secret Magic for unbelievable critical damage rates.

New players that download the game over the Independence Day weekend (July 4-7) will receive 1,000 Runes, 5 Sunflower Cards (to quickly level heroes) and a free random Synergy pair of cards. This package has a value of $25 (USD) in the in-game shop. To reward the game’s existing players, LocoJoy is giving them 500 Runes just for being awesome. They will also receive 25 Coins per new player as well as 1 Pumpkin (experience bonus card) for every 2,000 people that join during the holiday weekend.

“The MT franchise has grown beyond our wildest hopes. MT: Warth of Ator is our answer to a community of more than 6 million active monthly players hungry for new content,” Riley Gelwicks, Wrath of Ator Product Manager, Locojoy said.  “The Synergy system adds a whole new layer to the strategy of deck building our players love.”

New Features:

  • Synergy – Get buffs from certain combinations of heroes in your team
  • Achievements – Find and collect the achievements throughout the game
  • Account Binding – Create a Locojoy account and access it across different devices
  • Multi Language – Added multi language functionality, currently comes with English and French
  • Share – Share high quality drops and summoned cards with friends on Facebook and Twitter

MT: Wrath of Ator players can collect more than 500 cards as they conquer powerful bosses. Cards can be evolved with experience into more powerful versions. They can also enter the PvP Arena to struggle for control of one of 16 dungeons. Players who hold the dungeons in “King of the Hill” style combat against other players gain gold and honor. The most heroic will take on the mission of slaying the boss level dragons as they challenge Ator’s rule.

MT: Wrath of Ator is available for free on the App Store here.

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