Mar 23

The Trygger Camera Clip iPhone 5 is easy to use, the photographer sets the filter into position, adjusts the filter dial, and shoots. The filter corrects for lighting challenges that include reflection, glare and hazy skies. The adjustable filter also lets you capture more vibrant colors that are truer to what your eyes see. It will also let you remove unwanted reflection from glass, water, and metal. The world through your phone has never looked this good.


  • Adjustable polarizing filter
  • Shock and scratch resistant case
  • Filter and case back slides easily into position
  • Hand ground optical glass construction
  • Lightweight, slim fitting case
  • Handsome color choices

Trygger is available as a clip for the iPhone 5 for $39.99 or as a full case for the iPhone 4 for $49.99 (see pictures above).

For more information or to order the Trygger heas over to

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