Mar 14

Breathometer™ is a new project on indiegogo and is The World’s First Smartphone Breathalyzer! Breathometer is a sleek product that blends seamlessly into your everyday life. Built with your lifestyle in mind, the device has a compact design that fits into the palm of your hand and easily on a keychain. “By using Breathometer, you now have the ability to help prevent accidents. We’re also building some other amazing features like a push of a button cab service.

The Breathometer is Compatible with the iPhone or iPod running iOS 5 or above and Android devices running OS 2.3 or above.

Breathometer securely tracks your activity to make sure your Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) is heading in the right direction. It tracks your past results so you can be sure to allow for the proper amount of time to pass before you think about getting behind the wheel.

Check out the project and details on indiegogo here.

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