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The Blackberry Z10 is the new highly anticipated Smartphone from RIM, set for release later this year. With celebrity endorsers including Sir Alan Sugar and Alicia Keys, the latest edition to Blackberry looks to be a huge seller and if you live in Italy or South Africa, you’ll already be aware of just how great this phone is. Although not yet available in most countries, the Z10 was released early in Canada and quickly became the fastest selling Smartphone on the market, greatly surpassing iPhone sales, as well as those by Samsung. So whether you’ve pre-ordered the phone or are planning to buy one when they hit stores, there’s things you need to know.


What apps are available for the new Blackberry?

For drivers:

Although many Android users have long berated Blackberry for their inflexible apps, many Android apps have created versions that work on the Blackberry 10. The Ulysse Speedometer is now available on the Z10, and is an app Blackberry users will love. With features including: a compass, elevation reader, speedometer and a calculation of your average moving speed, this app will help you monitor your driving easily and effectively.


For divers:

The Dive Plan is a new app designed to help divers make the safest possible dives. It works by assessing the dangers as you input your dive depth, time and surface interval, then calculates how much surface interval time is needed before you can safely dive again. Having been approved by regulators, it really is the safest app on the market for scuba divers.


For gamers:

Whether you are into fantasy games or playing with real money, there are plenty of games to choose from with the Z10. Crackberry has recommended Anomaly Warzone Earth and there is even a video preview showing you just how to use it. For the more mature Blackberry owner however, there are plenty of blackberry bingo games online to download onto your Z10.


For budding photographers:

The new Time Shift feature on the Blackberry Z10 allows you to go back in time on any face in any photo. As one of the biggest hyped apps associated with the Z10 this one is set to make sure you get their best face every time. Although Samsung have developed something similar for the Galaxy Note II, when it comes to photo quality and range of options, the Z10 is a clear winner. With lots of apps to play with, the hype surrounding the Z10 looks justified. Check your current mobile provider for more information on the release date of the latest Blackberry or sign up to the pre-order service to get the latest updates.

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