Feb 13

Wally is a new kickstarter project and is a slim, stick-on leather pocket who secretly and securely carries your must-haves on the back of your iPhone 4 or 5. Wally isn’t yet another wallet case, but rather a handcrafted leather pocket that grabs onto the back of your iPhone to secretly and securely hold what you need to have close at hand. He’s the handsome grab-and-go solution. Check out the details and video after the break, I am sure you like this one.

Now instead of a bulky case or a wallet with an iPhone pocket, Wally clings directly to the back of your iPhone utilizing micro-suction. Wally has a grip like a gentleman: strong and secure, without leaving behind any tackiness. Micro-suction is awesome for naked iPhones, but adheres to glossy or slick cases only — which is why we want to include Alternahesive with every Wally!

Have you hacked together a way to carry cards with your iPhone? Or maybe you bought a wallet/case thingy but it limits your iPhone access? We hear you… So we literally went back to the drawing board and crafted a totally new way to carry the essentials: 

  • Slim Accommodates the 3 cards you carry most
  • Smart Micro-suction securely attaches without being sticky 
  • Discreet Pull-tab action conceals your contents 
  • Handcrafted Made in the USA with premium Italian leather

Instead of holding a wallet up to your ear, just hold your iPhone. Crafted using premium, vegetable-tanned leather from Tuscany, Wally feels marvelous to the touch and wears beautifully over time, just like your favorite leather wallet. Luckily, Wally just looks like a handsome leather iPhone skin.


 Check out the Kickstar project here for more information.

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