Jan 11

The Daily Mail reports that a memorial stone in the shape of a giant iPhone 5 was unveiled for Apple founder Steve Jobs in the Russian city of St. Petersburg. The six-foot-tall sculpture designed by Gleb Tarasov, should look like a black iPhone 4 “not equipped with a touch screen” and shows a photo and video slideshow of Jobs’ life, including important events and well-known speeches.

These include some of his most well-known speeches as Apple CEO with accompanying text translated into different languages.

The sculpture also has a QR code on the rear which can be scanned with a smart phone directing visitors to a website celebrating the life of the technology pioneer.

The design was chosen with a competition held by the Progress IT fund which received over 200 submissions.

The memorial was officially unveiled January 9, marking the 12th anniversary of iTunes and the 6th year since the iPhone was originally revealed by Jobs at MacWorld 2007.

Source [MacRumors and The Daily Mail]

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