Nov 10

After a Tweet from UK developer CMA Megacorp addressing an issue with recognition of rapid diagonal swipes on the iPhone 5, Recombu posted a video comparison showing the issue on devices running both iOS 6 and iOS 6.0.1.

The glitch which as far as we’re aware hasn’t previously been spotted by anyone, manifests itself as a dropout of touch input when quickly scrolling diagonally across the screen. […]

Using the Mail app to clearly demonstrate the quick scrolling action, we dragged our finger back and forth diagonally from bottom right to top left on each phone’s display. Sure enough, whilst both iPhone 4S’s handled the fast paced scrolling to aplomb, one iPhone 5 struggled to hold its concentration, dropping and picking back up touch input whilst the other stopped registering input altogether.

iMore has confirmed that it also affects the fifth-generation iPod touch and that the cause of the issue is unknown but may be related to the technology behind the new 4-inch display with in-cell touch technology being used in both devices.

Ofcourse this is a unusual rapid swiping motion and most users won’t ever notice this “issue”, but people that play games such as Fruit Ninja and Infinity Blade may be affected by it.

Source [MacRumors]

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