Oct 14

Since I own multiple iDevices that I actively use, I always stumble upon one problem… not enough USB ports. When i am working behind my laptop I always use my external harddisk, 1 or more memory sticks and up to 3 iDevices. Since my laptop only got 3 USB ports I came up with a solution, I purchased a 3 Port Hub iPhone charge cable. A view days ago I received my package from ChinaBuye with my new iPhone cable that should solve my problem.

When I first bought it I was not sure if this 5 bucks cable was up to the task, but now I am really satisfied with it. Altough the USB hub case is made out of hard plastic, it is really strong and will not break easily. The cable is short (what I personally like because it doesn’t make your desk look like a mess) and when you are finished working you can easily click the charger cable to the side of the USB hub and put it away.

Of course I did some testing to see what this little gadget can handle, by adding multiple devices to the USB hub. First i simply connected my iPod Touch to the charge cable to see if it charges, no surprises here. In the second test I added 3 memory sticks to the USB hub while charging my iPod Touch. Great, works like a charm.

Altough this is all I personally need, I did a view more tests to see how much this cable can handle. First I removed a memory stick and replaced it with my iPod Nano, it still works and charges my iPod Touch and Nano at the same time. After that I went to the extreme and replaced 2 more memory sticks with my iPad and external harddisk. This was to much and my iPod Nano sometimes stopped charging.

This didn’t come to a surprise to me since a USB port in your laptop can only supply a certain amount of power, this has nothing to do with the iPhone charge cable. To fix this problem they added a DC 5V power adapter port (on the side of the USB hub) which can be used as an extra power supply (cable not included).

Overall I am really happy with my new iPhone cable and I advice people with the same problem as me to get one yourself. You can already purchase one for only$5,07 here.

One more “funny” thing I noticed is that the image on the package shows a jailbroken iPhone, just feel I should mention this.

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