Oct 12

Multiple iPhone 5 owners report that the new iPhone is easy to bend and even come bend out of the box. The new iPhone 5 is the thinnest iPhone made so far and comes with an aluminum frame, which makes you wonder if it is strong enought. Austintylerl said on the MacRumors forumThere is a crack above the volume down button in the aluminum. This phone bent while in my front pocket, the phone was never dropped, banged, sat on etc. anyone else have such luck?” a second iPhone 5 owner said that his iPhone 5 was already bend when it was still in the box.

“I received my new iphone5 from Verizon from fed ex on Saturday, opened it up and it was bent and the volume buttons were jammed.” He also said that the Apple Store in Akron Ohio said that they would not replace it and accused him of damaging the phone himself.

TekCore collected multiple photos from iPhone 5 users with the same problem. Most of them put their iPhone it their front or back pocket and notice later that the iPhone 5 is bent.

In the video below you can see a iPhone 5 which is slightly bent.


 Source [iPhoneClub]

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3 Responses to “iPhone 5 Is Easy To Bend, Bend-Gate?”

  1. Ryan Says:

    BENT is the word you’re looking for. not ‘is bend’, or ‘bended’.

  2. Ben murry Says:

    Ive noticed this. I just put my iphone 5 on a table and realised it was bend in the side of the volume buttons but not on the other side. The screen is fine and all works fine but there is a slight crack or scratch above my volume down button. Does anyone know how it can be fixed/replaced/sorted out in any way…thanx

  3. geoffrey saunders Says:

    Daughters phone got run over by truck in otterbox case. Same thing happened. Not a problem with the phone, more a problem with the owner. Stop mistreating your phones, they will last longer. I think you would be amazed if you experimented with sitting down with other things in your pocket. Open pocket knives, pencils, forks. Try those things and if anything adverse happens, let us know that too.

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