Oct 11

Apple started shipping to costumers who pre-ordered the new iPod Touch or iPod Nano and the first hands-on videos hit the web. iDB also got their hands on a “black” fifth-generation iPod Touch and uploaded a detailed unboxing video today, which you can see above.

The first thing you’ll notice about the new iPod touch is how thin it is when compared with the iPhone 5. If you thought Apple’s new iPhone was then, wait until you get a load of the 5th generation iPod touch!

The second thing you’ll notice is how drastically better the 5th generation is when compared to the previous generations. The new iPod touch is leaps and bounds above any previous touch when it comes to build quality. Even the screen looks amazing.

Yesterday we also posted an other unboxing video from Andreas Pall, who got a fifth-generation iPod Touch from Japan.

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