Oct 06

Last week we wrote that WindSolutions announced the launch of CopyTrans Contacts for easily managing your iPhone, iPod and iPad contacts without iTunes. Since yesterday I started using it and I have to say i am very pleased. It is plain, fast and easy to use. All you have to do is connect your iDevice to your PC and CopyTrans Contacts will quickly take charge of your iOS address book, enabling users to import or export, organize, and edit their contacts. Take a look after the break where I will show you how to use CopyTrans Contacts and why this easy to use tool should be added to your favorite apps.

After I downloaded and installed CopyTrans Contacts I simply opened the app and connected my iPad to my PC, after I clicked a big “Start” button it searched my iPad and showed all my contacts from my iPad on my computer. It looks pretty sweet, it even imported the contact photos and of course all the contact details such as name, company, phone number, email, website, address, etc. When all the contacts are imported you can simply edit, remove or add new contacts.

The first thing i did was saving all my contact information on my desktop, because I can not imagine what i will do without them. It took me only 3 mouse clicks and maybe 10 seconds of my time, great! When you export your contacts information to your desktop you get the option to choose between different file types such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Outlook, Hotmail, iCloud, Excel, Tunderbird, Windows and even Android.

This simple, no-nonsense app for Windows 7, XP and Vista is perfect for people who can’t afford to lose their contacts or for people with multiple devices who would like to transfer their contacts from one device to the other.

CopyTrans Contacts is fully compatible with iOS6 and is available now for a special launch price of $1.99 til Sunday October 7, after October the 7th the price will go up to $9,99. You can also use the free version which can be downloaded here, but the number of actions are limited.

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