Oct 06

Last month Apple introduced the fifth-generation iPod Touch and started taking pre-orders for the device, availability was set for a rather vague “October” timeframe. After multiple reports from people who pre-ordered the device, it looks like Apple is preparing to ship the first iPod Touch and iPod Nano devices. Multiple pre-order customer started noticing that their order status has been changed to “Preparing for Shipment” and one customer has reported that his credit card has also been charged.

In the Australian Apple Store, shipping estimates for new orders of the fifth-generation iPod touch had shifted from the vague “October” to “3 weeks”, with an expected delivery date of October 29, while¬†deliveries in New Zealand are scheduled for November 2. A japanese blog reports that the official launch day for the new iPod touch and iPod nano in Japan is October 9.

Source [MacRumors]

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