Oct 05

iPhoneInCanada reported that Google added Street View to the web-based version of its Google Maps on iOS and other mobile devices. Since a lot of iOS 6 users are complaining about Apple’s new iOS 6 Maps app “which replaced Google Maps”, a lot of iPhone users waited for Google to submit an iOS app to the App Store or to update its web-based Maps app.

Our own tests with Google Street View via the Google Maps web app were very straightforward. Just load up the maps.google.com web app in mobile Safari, tap on a location and a new bottom bar emerges with an icon of a person. Tap that and voila–you have Street View, which opens up in a new tab displaying the URL maps.gstatic.com.

Google is still working on a native app for iOS devices, but it can take several more months before Google will submit their app to the App Store.

Source [iPhoneInCanada via MacRumors]

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