Oct 04

The full retail cost for an 16GB iPhone 5 starts at $650 in the US. If you are buying the iPhone 5 with a two year contract they are knocking the price down to $199. But how much will you pay including the two year contract? Is it really cheaper for you to buy the iPhone from any carrier? Mashable have posted an interesting infographic by Avalaunch Media that shows a break down of all of the iPhone 5-releated expenses you’ll likely incur over the next two years if you purchase one on-contract. Check it out after the break.

Source [iDB]

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One Response to “True Cost Of An iPhone 5 [Infographic]”

  1. Chris Says:

    Why do they never include Metro PCS, Straight Talk or other similar carriers?

    Buy an unlocked phone for $649
    Cost per month $25 for unlimited talk, text & web x 24 = $600 (assuming you get in on one of MetroPCS’s deals)
    Total: $1,249 for unlimited everything on what will be the combined network of T-Mobile (upgrades to work with the iPhone) and MetroPCS.

    Even if you add $170 for the accessories (most of which are unecessary), you end up at: $1,419.

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