Aug 30

This Wi-Fi enabled photo frame sports a 600×600 LCD touch display, three buttons — one for power, one for toggling between feeds, and one for liking the current photo — an internal Lithium Ion battery so you can move it wherever you want, and a dead-simple three-step setup process.

We use it. Obsessively. Instagram represents a whole new way of sharing and viewing photos. It’s a unique experience that puts photo-sharing front-and-center, and Instagram does it better than anyone else.

When designing Instacube, John Whaley (D2M’s Head of Industrial Design) was inspired by the idea of creating a living canvas that pushes beautiful images to a stand-alone device as they happen — all on a big, beautiful display. No need to launch an app on your smartphone and squint at tiny images. Instacube makes enjoying your Instagrams more enjoyable than ever before. You are now free to effortlessly enjoy, display and show-off beautiful Instagrams in your home or office, all day long.

For more information check out the kickstarter project here.

Source [Kickstarter via FSM]

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