Aug 23

Smartphone Medic has posted a video comparison of iPhone 4S and next-generation iPhone parts. They cover some internal components (like power and flex cables) in addition to the iPhone front glass pieces.

┬áIn this video we will show you the black and white glass panel, 8-pin dock connector flex cable assembly, and two other flex cables for the iPhone 5. Will Apple officially call the new iPhone the iPhone 5? Of course we don’t know, nobody knows but Apple. Now with that said, for the sake of simplicity we are calling it the iPhone 5.

As you can see, the iPhone 5 front glass panel is slightly taller than the current iPhone 4/4S. However, it still remains the same width. Compared to the Samsung Galaxy S III, the iPhone 5 will have a smaller display area in both width and height. We’re not sure why Apple decided to only make it taller and not wider, but I’m sure Mr. Cook will explain it at the upcoming Apple Event. The other major component is the 8-pin dock connector. It does look like Apple has moved away from their traditional 30-pin dock connector to a new, and much smaller, 8-pin dock connector. It is still unknown if they will provide some type of adapter for those out there with 30-pin dock connector accessories. It will be very interesting to see how Apple handles this issue. It appears that Apple has also removed the liquid contact indicator from the dock connector. The indicator still remains in the headphone jack, so don’t think you will get away with dropping your shiny new iPhone 5 in the toilet and trying to return it to the Apple Store because it “mysteriously” won’t turn on. This change may have been done because there is no need for two indicators at the bottom of the iPhone 5. In the previous iPhone models, the headphone jack was at the top of the device and the dock connector was at the bottom, so it made since to have one in both. We haven’t seen any signs of a liquid contact indicator for the top portion of the iPhone 5 yet. Well that is it for now, but stay tuned because we will continue to update you on parts as they become available.

Via [9to5mac]

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